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Praying at the Shwedagon Paya, Yangon

by Marina Utami
Praying at the Shwedagon Paya, Yangon

I would have never thought that Yangon was mesmerizing with our visits around the town with the local, Kyi Mint. Therefore, as a respect of my visiting time in Yangon, I realised I have fell madly in love with Schwedagon Paya architecture details. I have compiled photos that was so good to share them with you a.k.a to tempt you visiting Yangon too next time!

As we did not know how to reach there by local bus (people rarely speak English here), so we took a taxi and asked our hostel manager to tell him that we wanted to go visit the Schwedagon Pagoda. When we arrived there, we were already greeted by the large stairs and high halls as the gate to enter the place. Shops and people are selling stuff on the stairs as well, and it kinda reminds me of Indonesia a bit. Our first impression of the pagoda was already good!

There’s me down there – small!

 As you know from the previous post that we became acquaintance with one of the local guide there, Kyi Mint. He took us to the many places that we thought we would just passed by. We sat with the locals and pray together. He also asked us to ring the bells as well after we made some prayers and hopes. It was so nice of him to show us how the Burmese people pray with their beliefs.

As I was born on Monday time, Kyi Mint told me that my spirit animal in the pagoda was the tiger. Arma was on Tuesday so she has the mouse as her spirit animal. We both pray and pour some holy water to each our temples. One of the things that made us feel like the Burmese as well, cos we were praying together with other people that was born with the same day as ours.

Kyi Mint took us on a walk and showed us so many beautiful sides of the Schwedagon Paya. Raised as a designer, I couldn’t help myself awe-struck by the details of the interior and exterior of the building. How can you not get jaw-dropping when you see these?



There was this section when we get to know the history and how they built the main pagoda, as the largest pagoda in the country with some of the largest jewels on top of the pagoda. Geez!

We fell so madly in love the pagoda and the areas here. One whole day would not satisfy us and I hope that I can visit it again and do the same kind of pray. It was one of the most memorable time for me about the Burmese people.

Do you want to visit here too?

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