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Vientiane Travel Guide and Tips

by Marina Utami
Vientiane Travel Guide and Tips

Some travellers whom I met said that there was nothing special in Vientiane Laos. But I am totally against what they said. Every travellers has different enthusiasm and interest they want to pursue in their journey. For me, the days in Vientiane was an “off” days of moving around. I took longer days in Vientiane than I planned for, and I spent most of the afternoon with the sunset on the riverside of Mekong River. It seems ordinary but it was the perfect break for me. Therefore I am writing some of Vientiane Travel Guide and Tips during my time there.

Vientiane Travel Guide and Tips

Strolling on The Night Market

The very first day I landed on Vientiane, I started to enjoy the ambience of my cute little hostel. So I just spent one day relaxing and finally catch some time to sleep on broad daylight (Oh Heaven!). Here, I also bonded with another traveller from Japan and we decided to go around together that afternoon.

By only using the maps and (and a feeling) we finally found the road that will turn out to be a Night Market. The people are starting to build the stands for the Night Market on the pavement.Vientiane-shihoVientiane-Night-Market

Hanging out on the Mekong Riverside

Vientiane was my first destination in Laos, and I haven’t get in touch with any locals here. So when we got to the night market, I was thrilled. I finally realise that Laos people were very easygoing and very kind in their own way. They didn’t smile a lot, but they were humble enough and answered every questions I asked. It was a perfect timing for us. We found this huge space on the riverside where locals just sit and relax enjoying the food. So we sat there for hours watching the sunset just like them 🙂Vientiane-RoadVientiane-sitvientiane-marinaAfter some time, several people gathered up on the side, and started to play the music (note: the melody is very similar with “dangdut”). Then couple of locals started doing some aerobic moves. I swear, this is the first place I felt like, “Gosh, it feel so Indonesian!” It kinda make me missed Indonesia back then 🙂vientiane-aerobic-2vientiane-aerobicvientiane-aerobic-3As the night goes dark, the places became prettier. The night market turn into a crowded place with pretty lights. And of course, my natural instinct of shopping came! 😀Vientiane-Night-Market-2

Dinner on the riverside with Karaoke!

We ended the night by having dinner in a local restaurant down the road. They have a special seats for us near the bridge with spectacular view! Then again, across the road, the restaurant was featured with Karaoke stand. So yes… we were accompanied by the locals singing and trust me, the singing was so bad, but we end up just laughed and entertained us through the night though.vientiane-bridge-dinnerOh, and Shiho had her first beer here and we celebrated it together! Yay! (I am so proud!)

vientiane-beer-laosThe next couple of days, we decided to spend the same afternoon with the same routine again. We were so in love with it, so we asked the other travellers to meet up on the same place and hung out together on that afternoon. We walked through the big road during sunset, chatted away and just enjoyed the scenery. The place was crowded with people jogging and slow walking, but it felt so calm and beautiful. It brought back many memories that I had when I started the journey. The sunset were as nice as the time I had in U Bein Bridge, Mandalay.vientiane-riverside-2vientiane-travelbuddiesvientiane-riversidevientiane-nightThe time I spent in Laos were not long, but I met many good and interesting travellers along the way, some even from the Couchsurfing Website where I contacted them. Sometimes it’s not the place that makes it special, but the people you were spending it with. It was the beginning of our friendship and the night that we were apart. They were such a good travel buddies that I had along the road. Each of us has our own journey to continue. We were sad yet happy that we’ve met. I know that it wasn’t goodbye forever though, we’ll meet again for sure in the future.

vientiane-travelbuddies-02I believe in friendship, no matter who you come from, what your first language is, what colour of your skin. It’s their background story and their hands that offer you to come into their world. I was blessed that I met many nice people whom I proud to called “good friends” during the trip. I have changed because of the people that I’ve met along the way. They inspired, influenced, and supported me in many ways when I don’t feel confidence. They make me believe in something that I thought it was not possible. That’s why, I treasure them so much! 🙂

Vientiane Travel Guide and Tips

© 2017 Writing & Images copyright of Marina Utami.


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Walter Pinem April 1, 2015 - 6:14 pm

never been in Laos before, but I think this post kinda makes me feel the same feel probably. cool photos and post, waiting for your next trip’s story 😉

jejakmarina April 2, 2015 - 1:37 am

Thank you Walter! 🙂 would be great if you experienced it also one day!

Bahrul.com April 3, 2015 - 1:43 pm

Yeah very nice for your destiny 😀 bring me please 😀

jejakmarina April 3, 2015 - 1:43 pm

Hahaha! You’ll go there someday with or without me! 😁

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